About 1300 Flash Numbers™

A 1300 Flash Number is a hand-picked Local-Call (1300) number purposely selected with digits to make it more super memorable to consumers. For example, 1300 10 80 80.

A 1300 Flash Number™ gives you the competitive edge. Here's how.

Project Credibility And Trust

Consumers seek the comfort of dealing with well-established and trusted businesses. A super memorable 1300 Flash Number™ gives your business that vital "well-established, well respected" perception over your rivals.

The Perfect Advertising Asset

Marketing a super memorable 1300 Flash Number™ means a great customer experience. 1300 Flash Numbers™ are easy to remember, easy to dial and easy to reach you.

Cross Platform Impact Marketing

1300 Flash Numbers™ are perfect for cross platform impact marketing. Drive sales your way. Use the same super memorable 1300 Flash Number™ across TV, radio, magazines, billboards and vehicles.

High Value Brand Marketing

Get high value brand marketing with a 1300 Flash Number™. Higher brand recall drives down your marketing costs and drives up your marketing ROI.

Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth referral is the most powerful form of sales generation. A referrer genuinely loves your product or service. The easiest way for a referrer to pass on your business details is by way of a super memorable 1300 Flash Number™ e.g. 1300 123 456.

More Calls, More Sales, More Profit

Smart business owners across Australia are getting it. A 1300 Flash Number™ means more calls, more sales which means more profit.