Congratulations on investing in a 1300 or 1800 number

Both 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers are the smart 21st century business tools that are packed with business building features. So, investing in a 1300 number or 1800 number is probably one of the smartest business moves anyone can make.

How can I get the best rates around?

Because there are so many telcos it can be hard to know if you are getting the best deal. At FYI Telco, we are willing to put our rates against every telco provider you come across. We do this because we are driven to find you the best comparable rates in the industry.

This is where you take advantage of our Price Beat Guarantee.

How does the Price Beat Guarantee work for me?

You can approach any telco and ask them to offer you their lowest rates, showing them the rates we currently have. Once you get these rates and terms in writing, send them to us and we will come back with a counter offer that is sure to impress. In most cases we can halve a customer's bill.

If you find a better price, in 99% of times we will beat it. In most cases we can halve a customer's bill! But if in the rare case where we can't beat it then you will have comfort in knowing you will get the very best of industry rates even if not with us. Now that's a very, very good deal for you.

TIP: once you have the best rates around it's always a good move to lock yourself into these best rates for as long as possible... 36 months if you can get it.

How can you do a Price Beat Guarantee?

FYI Telco has the buying power to source you some of the very best rates around. Our highly efficient systems and processes means we have lower overheads which means we beat just about all of our competitors. What this means for you is more money in your pocket because we pass on our savings direct to you as part of our Best Price Practices business model.

Why then do you publish rates?

Firstly, we publish our rates as part of our full disclosure to show you that we are 100% transparent. It is difficult for a telco to be seen to be transparent or truly competitive if they do not publish their rates. Publishing rates, gives you a way to benchmark us against any other telco you come across, thus helping both you and us find out who has the best rates for you to secure.

Secondly, we openly display our Promotional Rates so that you can quickly see how deeply discounted our rates are compared with other telcos.

100% - 30 day money back Guarantee

FYI Telco 100% Risk Free 1300 Numbers.100% Risk Free

We guarantee you that if you are not satisfied with our products, services and features; we will refund you your money in full within 30 days of service connection... no questions asked.

We've been around since 2010 so you can sleep easy that we are not a "yesterday" telco. FYI Telco is a well known and aggressive telco player in the market. That means you benefit from our long experience in providing great rates, products, services and features.

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