We are arguably Australia's #1 hosting provider of 1800 Toll-free and 1300 local call number services and features to Start Up and SME businesses including:

  1. 1300/1800 numbers diverting by time
  2. Simultaneous ringing
  3. Round Robin Routing
  4. Simple and complex IVR
  5. IVR with time based routing attached
  6. Caller alert
  7. Business announcement and much more...


      1300 Numbers

      It may surprise you but Telstra® is not the only supplier of 1300 numbers. Following deregulation, 1300 numbers can now be sourced through us at very competitive rates compared with Telstra®.

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      1800 Numbers

      1800 numbers are perfect for tracking your various advertising and marketing strategies. With a 1800 number for each marketing campaign you can save money by eliminating poor performing advertising.

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      Live Phone Answer

      Our Live Phone Answering Service allows you to direct some or all of your incoming business calls to our professional live receptionists.

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